December 8, 2007

Artists Mentioned

The following artists are listed in the resources sections of the guide, and are here mainly for indexing purposes. It is by no means a complete list, but includes major downtown artists who were active between 1971 and 1987. Many artists whose most significant work came before or after this period are not included.

Laurie Anderson
Robert Ashley
David Behrman
Glenn Branca
Anthony Braxton
Joel Chadabe
Rhys Chatham
Philip Corner
Julius Eastman
Henry Flynt
Jon Gibson
Philip Glass
Daniel Goode
Peter Gordon
Tom Johnson
Guy Klucevsek
George Lewis
Garrett List
Annea Lockwood
Alvin Lucier
Meredith Monk
Charlie Morrow
Gordon Mumma
Phill Niblock
Pauline Oliveros
Charlemagne Palestine
Elaine Radigue
Steve Reich
Arthur Russell
Frederic Rzewski
Bob Telson
Blue Gene Tyranny
David Van Tieghem
La Monte Young

Dead Boys
Wayne County
Richard Hell (Voidoids, Heartbreakers, Television)
Mink DeVille
New York Dolls
Patti Smith
Talking Heads
Tuff Darts (featuring Robert Gordon)
Velvet Underground

Bush Tetras
Glenn Branca
Certain General
James Chance (Contortions, James White and the Blacks)
Rhys Chatham
Fred Frith (Skeleton Crew, Massacre)
Golden Palominos
Kid Creole and the Coconuts
Lounge Lizards
Lizzy Mercier Descloux
Arthur Russell / Dinosaur L
Elliott Sharp
Sonic Youth
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks / Lydia Lunch
Y Pants
Z'EV (Stefan Weisser)

Air (Henry Threadgill, Fred Hopkins, Steve McCall)
Rashied Ali
Ahmed Abdullah
Hamiet Bluiett
Arthur Blythe
Anthony Braxton
Ted Daniel
John Fischer
Julius Hemphill
Oliver Lake
Frank Lowe
David Murray
Revolutionary Ensemble (Leroy Jenkins, Sirone, Jerome Cooper)
Sam Rivers
Perry Robinson
Warren Smith
Charles Tyler

Tim Berne
Polly Bradfield
Eugene Chadbourne
Anthony Coleman
Tom Cora
Marty Ehrlich
Bill Frisell
Fred Frith
Kip Hanrahan
Wayne Horvitz
Guy Klucevsek
Christian Marclay
Microscopic Septet
Lawrence "Butch" Morris
David Moss
Zeena Parkins
Bobby Previte
Ned Rothenberg
Elliott Sharp
Jim Staley
John Zorn


Chris Becker said...

Robert Quine I think should be added to the list. And composer Doug Henderson who still going strong, has worked closely building instruments for Zeena Parkins and Elliot Sharp and is in his own right an incredible sound artist.

Dave Seidel said...

You should add Lois V Vierk and Scott Johnson to the list. They both did significant work in that time period.

bunita marcus said...

Mark Hennen and Piano Magic are still going strong as a Jazz venue. They recently celebrated their thirtieth birthday.